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Not every Marketing Agency is created equal. At Minzoni Marketing, we know that the best results come from having the right people working on the right project. That's why our team off experts is here, to help agencies add the most advance digital targeting technology to their capabilities.  With our proven strategies, consulting and spot on analytics, your clients' business is bound for wild success.

With Minzoni Marketing you have all the latest marketing tools including Geo Fencing, OTT/CTV, In App, Mobile, Video, and more. 

All Geo-Fencing is NOT Created Equal

Results, Delivered

With the most advanced geo-fence technology we're able to customize audiences through custom targeting shapes with pinpoint precision. Geo-Fencing technology continues to change for the better and Minzoni Marketing is on the front line during these exciting times. Our precise targeting is unmatched and the ability to track users into the advertisers locations is always a star player. Technology is giving us exciting options far beyond the 'geo-fencing' we have all been pitched before.

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Behavioral Targeting

We’ll Take Care of That

Target users based on their online and offline behavior, including content read, searches, purchases, click behavior and more. We are no longer tied down to general audience data. We can now target users who are in market for your product or services right now which allows us more precise abilities to convert those users into a customer or client.


Results You’ll Love

People are unplugging from traditional TV at the fastest rate in history and streaming all their favorite shows and movies. TV budgets are now moving to digital video advertising with CTV/OTT at the forefront. 

The non-skippable content formats allow advertisers to engage with a unique group of consumers you can't reach with traditional TV commercials. We combine the impact of TV commercials with the precision of audience targeting offered through digital media. Thus giving advertisers the advantage of serving the right ad to the right person at the right time. 

Weather advertising to a new audience or your current client/customer list OTV/CTV is a top choice.

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